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2022 Calendar Tea Towel
2022 Calendar Tea Towel
2022 Calendar Tea Towel
2022 Calendar Tea Towel

2022 Calendar Tea Towel

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If you would like to save yourself a trip to the post office, we can send your holiday gift directly to your loved ones. We are happy to include a handwritten holiday card from you. Just leave us a note when placing your order.

This year’s design is inspired by the harvest and a poem that I hold dear. One year after planting our heirloom tomato patch, I decided to research why a variety was named “Paul Robeson” and found myself reading a poem by Gwendolyn Brooks. It is named for the man who I learned was a musician, an athlete, a writer, and an African American who fought for civil rights.
The poem includes a line that speaks to me loudly. It reads, “we are each other’s
harvest” and is printed and hanging in my studio. It reminds me that the people in our lives are as precious as those beloved heirloom tomatoes. They are easily bruised while being resilient. They should be treated with care, marveled at, and treasured for the gift that they are.
So, meet our calendar for 2022 inspired by that thought. I hope that you will like it as much as we do and that it will remind you for 365 days that we are each other’s harvest. It features my daughter's original artwork inspired by our annual harvest here on the farm. We started with the Mason jar we store so much of the harvest in and also the bees that helps pollinate our blooms and keep our garden healthy.
You'll find the blueberries and raspberries (including our beloved blackcaps) as well as spring peas, sweet corn, an heirloom tomato, and a fabulous pumpkin. We also included the fresh eggs that we harvest from our chicken coop and duck house because we prize that harvest every bit as much as what we collect from the berry patch and garden


We're selling this year's tea towels as single towels and in pairs of two, and bundles of four and six with each bundle discounting the price of the individual towels.  We’ve designed our pricing to allow you to buy six of our tea towels and save so much that the sixth towel is free!  You’ll pay for five tea towels and the sixth will be absolutely free.  We’re hoping that might encourage you to share five with friends and family and keep the sixth towel for yourself!

We hope that our bundle pricing will allow you to purchase multiple gifts at a discount.  We’ll finish your bundle and ship them together so that you can save and have handmade gifts to share this holiday season. If you are interested in purchasing a bundle, but having them shipped to individual addresses, or if you would like to discuss a larger bundle, please contact us so that we can work with you to create a special listing just for you.



There’s something absolutely fabulous and full of the farmhouse style I adore about a tea towel with a calendar printed on it.  I remember my grandmother having them in her kitchen when I was a little girl. 

Our tea towels are custom printed with my daughter’s original artwork onto sturdy linen cotton canvas fabric using water-based, non-toxic pigmented inks.  The process is eco-friendly and allows us to create custom designs on lovely fabric that will stand the test of time. 

Finishing the towels by hand here at the farmhouse rather than having them mass produced takes a bit more time, but we like knowing that each towel is handmade.  It’s important to us that we add that handmade feel to every single item that we send from our farmhouse to your house. 

We cut out each tea towel by hand before finishing it at the sewing machine. Each finished towel measures approximately 15” wide by 24” long and includes a hanging loop to add a simple way for you to hang your towel on a hook to dry when not in use.  We’re creating these loops using a length of flat trim that coordinates with the towel.  It lays flat when not in use and doesn’t stretch out of shape when supporting the towel.  Each towel also includes a pocket hem on the top edge to allow a ½” dowel rod to be easily slipped through and hung on a wall throughout the year.

Our tea towels should be washed in cold water using gentle detergent.  Bleach should be avoided. They can be tumbled in the dryer on low heat and ironed on the backside if desired.  The nature of this fabric will ensure that it becomes softer with each washing. As is the nature of any colorful design, the colors may fade ever so slightly with time and wear.

Please note that this is a tea towel of the old fashioned and genuine variety, not a dish towel. The linen cotton canvas fabric has a nice texture without being rough.  We have taken the extra step to prewash each piece of fabric before finishing it into a tea towel here in our farmhouse studio. We’ll also give each finished towel a light ironing so that it is ready to use or display as soon as it arrives.