Farmhouse Bouquet Kit
Farmhouse Bouquet Kit
Farmhouse Bouquet Kit
Farmhouse Bouquet Kit

Farmhouse Bouquet Kit

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This kit does NOT include the jar. By omitting the jar, we can reduce the cost of our kit and ship it in a smaller and lighter package, greatly reducing the shipping fees which allows us to ship this kit for FREE to domestic destinations. We can also breathe a sigh of relief and not worry about the glass jar breaking during shipment. If your house is like the farmhouse, you've probably got plenty of empty jars sitting around just waiting to be put to beautiful use with this kit, so why not save you the expense of buying another one?


We sure hope that you have a few Mason jars at the ready because our Farmhouse Flower Vase Kits are making a comeback. You supply one of your jars with a standard sized lid and we'll send you a sturdy metal flower frog lid, handmade fabric coaster for the jar to sit on, and a cute length of matching fabric wrapped cording to tie around the neck of the jar.

Together, your jar and our kit will transform a standard jar into a beautiful vessel for freshly cut flowers from your garden or local farmer's market to enjoy all summer long. I love to keep one of these vases in the farmhouse kitchen so that we can enjoy leggy sunflower and zinnia stems or delicate roses from Penny Lane's backyard. When it's peony season, you'll find those fragrant blossoms on the kitchen counter and my desk in the studio so that I can enjoy every moment of their season.

Each kit includes on handmade fabric trivet and and matching length of cord to tie  around the neck of your jar. The trivet is beautiful and will also help to protect the surface underneath your jar.  The metal flower frog lid fits a standard sized Mason jar and helps to hold the stems in place, creating a beautiful bouquet. You supply the jar and the flower frog lid, trivet, and matching cord can be used year after year to hold pretty bouquets all summer long.

Each set includes:

  • One 2 5/8" regular mouth metal flower frog lid in galvanized finish
  • One 4” handmade fabric trivet
  • One 18-20" length of fabric wrapped cord to match the trivet

We use these fabric trivets and coasters throughout our farmhouse and find that they’re a beautiful way to bring a little 1840 Farmhouse Style to any home.  They can be used underneath a cup, mug, or glass, offering protection to the surface underneath.  When placed under a flower pot or other decorative item, they can provide a delightful bit of color to their surroundings.  Under a small bowl, this trivet adds a lovely accent.

These coiled fabric coasters were made by hand at 1840 Farm.  Each fabric strip is torn by hand before being wrapped around a length of cording.  All of the fabric items in our collection display the raw edge of the fabrics used to create it.  The fabric wrapped cord is then coiled and stitched together using a zigzag stitch on our sewing machine.  I continue to wrap the coil and shape the trivet as it is stitched. 

We blend new fabrics with select repurposed fabrics to create a pleasing color palette for each item.   Each piece has its own unique color pattern and slight variation in shape.  Because every piece is handmade, each one is a true original. 

I make our fabric items using the same technique my Great Grandmother used over 50 years ago.  She lovingly transformed worn out clothing into useful household items that were used in their New England farmhouse.  While her items were made purely for utility purposes, it is my goal to create beautiful handmade items that can serve a useful purpose in your home.

Our fabric items can be cleaned by spot washing or in the gentle cycle of your washing machine.  Gently reshape the trivet while still damp and allow to air dry. 

Trivets and coasters are not fire or flameproof.  They are constructed of cording, fabric, and thread.  They should not be placed in the microwave, oven, or directly over an open flame or hot burner.  We find them to be an excellent buffer between a hot cooking pan and our kitchen counter.  As they are made using natural materials, they will eventually conduct some heat, especially when used under extreme conditions.  Care should be taken to ensure that they are not damaged and that the surfaces beneath them are adequately protected.

We also create baskets in all of these beautiful fabric themes.  Contact us for more information.