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Farmhouse Friend Subscription to 1840 Farm - Annual Payment with Early Bird Savings

Farmhouse Friend Subscription to 1840 Farm - Annual Payment with Early Bird Savings

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You can take advantage of special Early Bird Savings if you become an annual Farmhouse Friend subscriber before December 31st. Our Early Birds will receive a special discount that makes two months of their first year’s subscription FREE. 

After placing your order for an annual subscription, we will send you a customized coupon code to use when creating your account on our blog. You'll be able to create your subscription account and we'll be able to make sure that you're the first to see every new recipe and project!


Thank you for being a member of The 1840 Farm Community. We hope that you’ve always felt welcome at 1840 Farm and that you feel as warmly about us as we do about you. We’ve been working on something new for the past few months and have decided to give you a sneak peek.

In 2022, we’re going to create more of the content you’ve come to love and a new way to share it with you. We want to build a more robust community together without algorithms following us around and deciding what we see and how we can interact with each other.

We’d like to invite you to become a Farmhouse Friend with aannual subscription and join in that journey. We’ll have exclusive content that subscribers will see first along with opportunities for you to become a more active part of 1840 Farm. Subscribers will be able to follow along as I remodel the farmhouse kitchen and share my DIY successes and failures along the way.

We’ll also encourage our subscribers to become recipe testers so that they can help us to improve new and existing recipes. Our recipe testers will see recipes that haven’t been shared anywhere else. We’ll incorporate their ideas and feedback into the published recipes and let them help decide which photos we use to illustrate them. Those recipes will be used to fill our monthly newsletters and the pages of our print editions of The Notebook which will take shape in 2022.

We hope that our new paid subscriptions will allow us to continue creating great content to share with you and help cover the increasing costs of supporting our blog. Don’t worry, subscriber or not, you’ll always be welcome at 1840 Farm and we’ll have plenty of recipes and ideas to share with you as a FREE member of The 1840 Farm Community.

Everyone is welcome at 1840 Farm. We invite you to become a member of our community so that you can browse our recipes, stop for a visit in our Mercantile Shop, and see what’s going on here at the farm. If you use them, be sure that you follow along on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to make sure that you never miss a new post.

We are proud to offer our content to you ad-free and to promise never to share your personal information. We hope that you’ll love what you see and consider becoming a paid subscriber to support the creation of new content and to help cover the costs of running our blog without ads.

You can learn more about our different subscriptions levels by visiting our blog. Have questions about our subscriptions? Send us a message and and we’ll be happy to help you to decide which level is just right for you. We have our fingers crossed that you’ll become one of our Early Birds and that we’ll be sharing amazing new content with you in 2022 and beyond!

P.S. - If you're interested in paying your Farmhouse Friend subscription monthly ($5 per month), becoming a Next Door Neighbor ($2 per month), or just signing up for a FREE account to be a member of our 1840 Farm Community, you can do all of that on our blog by clicking here.