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Heirloom Flower Garden Seed Collection
Heirloom Flower Garden Seed Collection

Heirloom Flower Garden Seed Collection

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Each year I plant a collection of heirloom, old-fashioned flower seeds in our garden.  I love knowing that their blooms will brighten up the garden and attract the pollinators that will increase our harvest.  On a sunny day, the butterflies and bees flit from bloom to bloom.

I choose varieties for our Heirloom Flower Garden Seed Collection with another purpose in mind: filling Mason jars with bouquets of fresh flowers to enjoy in the farmhouse all season long. I choose flowers that are ideally suited for an old fashioned cutting garden. They set long stems and thrive growing in the summer garden or as cut flowers in a vase of fresh water.

This year, we have varieties in shades of white, red, yellow, coral, blue, fuchsia, and black. These varieties can be directly sown in warm garden soil once the danger of frost has passed.  They do not require early seeding and transplanting or need any special care.

Each Heirloom Flower Garden Seed Collection includes one packet of seeds for each of the twelve heirlooms:

    Blue Disc African Daisy – This daisy produces flowers with silvery white petals and stunning blue centers with a metallic hint to them. The blue centers are bordered with a yellow ring.

    Cerise Queen Yarrow – This variety sets hundreds of tiny fuchsia blooms gathered together in clusters on long stems with bright green fern like foliage.

    Cherry Caramel Phlox – This phlox has a decidedly antique appearance with parchment colored old fashioned five petal blooms with bright pink colored centers.

    Gaillardia (Indian Blanket Flower) - This historical variety produces colorful daisy like flowers in bright yellow with red to coral centers.  It was collected in 1806 by Lewis and Clark‘s “Corps of Discovery”.  Native Americans used it to make teas, poultice, and as a food source for added to soups and stews. 

    Giant Perfection Aster Mix – Asters are an old fashioned favorite. This variety produces extra-large blooms that resemble peonies. 

    Gilia Globe – This variety produces clusters of lovely blue to violet fragrant flowers on foot long stems.  The fragrance and color entice pollinators to your garden.

    Lorenziana Gaillardia (Double Sunset Blanket Flower) – This variety dates back to the 1880s and sets large blooms with double quilled petals in red and yellow.

    Meteor Zinnia - This zinnia produces double blooms that are nearly half a foot wide in deep red.

    Minstrels Dianthus – This variety’s foot long grass like stems produce fragrant double blooms in a maroon so dark that it appears black.  Each frilled petal has a pretty white edge.

    Polar Bear Zinnia – This variety is a pure white zinnia with large blooms set on long, lanky stems.

    Teddy Bear Sunflower – These double blooms can be more than 6 inches across.  They set on mid length stems adding interest to the lower stratosphere of the flower garden.

    White Yarrow – This dainty white flower is beautiful both fresh and dried and is very easy to care for.  It can be used as an edible herb or added to herbal teas.

    I hope that you'll plant these heirlooms and grow them along with me this year!