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Set of Three 100% Wool Handmade Dryer Balls

Set of Three 100% Wool Handmade Dryer Balls

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This listing includes one set of handmade 100% wool dryer balls made in our Seaglass theme.  This listing is for a set of three balls and does not include a basket.  The set will be delivered/shipped free of charge to a local customer.

I have been using wool dryer balls for years here at 1840 Farm.  With allergies and sensitive skin playing a role in our family life, I try to limit the amount of perfumes, dyes, and additives in our home from our cleaning products to the laundry room.  I find that using these 100% wool dryer balls allows me to naturally achieve the results of traditional fabric softener without any chemicals.  Our skin is happier and so am I.  Now you can join me in using these natural dryer balls in your laundry room and say goodbye to buying dryer sheets and fabric softener forever!

Each of these dryer balls is handmade right here at 1840 Farm.  We use 100% pure wool, working to create a ball by hand from the inside out.  We don’t use other materials for the core of our dryer balls.  Instead, they are 100% wool from the inside out.  Once we have created a wool ball, we triple felt the fiber until it is a firm ball.  We use no chemicals to do this, choosing to only use organic peppermint castile soap as a felting agent which helps to improve the fiber’s ability to felt and join tightly together.  It also lends a natural, fresh, light scent to the wool.

TThe seaglass set includes one ball in each of three colors:  sand, grey, and aquamarine. Each wool dryer ball measures approximately 2 – 2 ½ inches in width.  As each dryer ball is shaped by hand, there may be subtle differences in size.

Dryer balls are incredibly effective. These balls will tumble with your laundry in the dryer, naturally separating the damp laundry and helping to create air pockets between them, allowing the warm air from the dryer to circulate and dry the laundry more efficiently.  Our wool dryer balls will help to reduce the overall drying time.  They also help to combat static cling and wrinkles by preventing the laundry from becoming compressed as it dries.  Some reports estimate that using wool dryer balls will reduce the drying time for a full load of laundry by 25%!

Wool dryer balls are safe for use with any type of laundry.  They can completely replace traditional dryer sheets and fabric softener or be used in conjunction with your favorite products.  They can be scented with natural essential oils or used as is at any temperature setting in your dryer.  Simply add the balls to your dryer with damp laundry and dry as usual.

This listing is for one set of three handmade wool dryer balls made from natural materials and may show slight variations in color.  We have attempted to represent their color, shape, and construction honestly in the photographs that accompany this listing.  Other items shown in the photographs are not included in the sale price.  Those items were used for photographic purposes only.  Their use was intended to show the utility and various uses of the product(s).