Collection: Cozy Cables Hand Knit Hats

I am a night owl. When sleep is elusive, I tend to pick up my knitting needles. I knit while Penny Lane snores nearby. The cadence of the knitting needles, the movement of the yarn between my fingers, and the steady sounds of Penny sleeping are such a comforting combination for me.

I decided to create my own cable hat pattern this year and have been knitting the resulting pattern a lot lately. I love the way the back and forth of the cables looks. I also love the feel of wearing this hat. The cables give it a stretchy body and a cozy, comforting feeling on the head.

This hat is so cozy that I have named it the Cozy Cables Hat. Emma and I are testing my pattern to make sure that it is easy to follow. When we’re finished testing, we’ll be adding the pattern to our shop in a downloadable PDF format so that all of you knitters can make your own.

The Cozy Cables Hat fits the average teen and adult sized head. The cable pattern allows the hat to stretch easily to size while holding close to the head when worn. Because each hat is handmade, the actual size varies slightly. For that reason, each listing will include a measurement of the hat so that you can determine if it is the right fit for you.

Each hat has been knit by hand right here at the farmhouse. They have a wooden button attached to them that reads, “Handmade with love” because each one of them is. Should you prefer your hat not to have this decorative button, you can easily snip the yarn that was used to attach it and pull it away from your hat. 

Each hat will include a tag that details the fiber content, pattern and color name. It also includes washing and drying instructions so that you can care for your hat in the way that best protects the fiber and keeps it cozy and beautiful for years to come.

We’ll be using a variety of yarns to create these hats. We’ll have 100% merino wool hats, wool blend hats, and synthetic fiber hats. All of the fibers will be soft and we’re hoping that by offering a variety of fibers, you can choose the one that is right for you with regard to wearing and washing.

We'd love to see you in your Cozy Cables Hat. Tag us on Instagram and use #1840CozyCables so that we'll see you wearing your hat. If you don’t see the color or fiber combination you are looking for, send us a message and we’ll work to create something special just for you!