A note about our response to COVID-19

We've had more than a few questions about how we're managing orders from our shop with COVID-19 in mind. We've been answering those questions directly and sharing important information with customers as each order is shipped out. It seemed like we should also share that information with all of you.

We are proceeding with shipping under strict conditions. We have been sheltering in place here at the farmhouse since early March. We are taking all precautions when we take a necessary trip away from the farm including wearing masks and gloves. Should anyone at the farmhouse display signs of illness, we will put our shop on vacation and cease all shipments until it is safe to resume.

We have been working with our local post office to determine the most effective and safe way for us to hand off our shipments to them. Starting this week, they will be making pickups from the front porch here at the farmhouse. These pickups will allow us to have a no-contact, safe transfer of our packages from the farmhouse to our mail carrier.


It seems that heat can be used to sanitize items from this virus. Our baskets can tolerate the heat of your dryer very well when the fabric is not wet. Upon your basket's arrival, you can remove the paper tag from your basket and tumble it in the dryer if that gives you peace of mind. Should your tumbled basket emerge from the dryer in need of a little reshaping, you can easily use your hands to return it to its original shape.


As always, we'll be fully transparent with you should there be any changes to our status here at the farmhouse or our handling of outgoing orders. We hope that you'll keep visiting our Mercantile Shop and enjoying our handmade pieces so that we can keep sharing them with you.