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Happy holidays from everyone at 1840 Farm!

 2022 was a big year here at 1840 Farm. We began offering subscriptions to 1840 Farm almost a year ago and have been working with our Farmhouse Friend Subscribers to build a more robust community together. We’ve been creating digital recipe collections in our new magazine-style format for our subscribers and are compiling them into our first print publication that we hope to release in 2023. The support of our subscribers allows us to focus on creating great content and help to cover the increasing costs of supporting our blog. 

collage of apple cider recipes: baked apple cider donuts, muffins, apples with caramel sauce, and a baking tray with red and yellow apples and a bottle of apple cider


As a special holiday treat, we are happy to offer you a special rate to become a Farmhouse Friend annual subscriber. You’ll have immediate access to our collection of delicious recipes that are exclusive for our subscribers, be able to download our digital recipe booklets, and be the first to see each new recipe we create. You’ll also receive a Weekly Dispatch from the farmhouse that includes new recipes, a peek inside my DIY farmhouse kitchen project, and a special section of our Mercantile Shop available only to subscribers so that you can shop our newest pieces before we move them to our public inventory.

Our annual subscriptions are usually priced at $60.00 or at a $10.00 discount at $50.00 for annual subscriptions with autorenewal. We’re offering you a special holiday rate of $30 by using the special coupon code you received in your recent order. Don't worry if you have misplaced the code, simply send us a message and we'll track it down for you so that you can take advantage of the special savings.

collage of recipe photos: pan seared fish topped with lemon slices, soft boiled soy marinated eggs, brownies topped with powdered sugar, juicy tomato slice with a spoon filled with basil mayonnaise, cookies and cream buttercream frosting, macaroni and cheese, chocolate chip cookies, biscuits and sausage gravy

You’ll enjoy the full benefits of being a Farmhouse Friend at this reduced rate and can even gift subscriptions at this special rate to people on your gift giving list. As soon as you become a subscriber, you’ll have access to all of the delicious recipes and inside the farmhouse posts we’ve published in 2022. We’re preparing to start sharing our favorite holiday cookie recipes with our subscribers and have our fingers crossed that you’ll join in!

Don’t worry, subscriber or not, you’ll always be welcome at 1840 Farm and we’ll have plenty of recipes and ideas to share with you during the holiday season and into the New Year. No matter how you choose to enjoy our content, we hope that you will cook and bake along with us all year long.

We hope that you’ll enjoy this holiday treat and that you’ll give yourself the gift of a subscription to 1840 Farm. I can’t wait to welcome you as our newest Farmhouse Friend!

You'll find our subscriptions right here:

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1840 Farmhouse Friend Subscription
Have questions about our subscriptions? Want to gift subscriptions? Send us a message and we'll be happy to help!