Pom Poms

faux fur pom poms in a group on a white background surrounded by sewing notions

We've decided to have a little fun with our new collection of hand knit hats. Why not offer a detachable fun little pom pom? So, we just did.

You can now add one of these pretty little pom poms to any hat we make. We'll stitch a wooden button to the underside of the hat so that the pom pom can easily be removed for washing or just because you've decided to wear your hat without a pom pom. You can even change up the pom poms if you'd like.

You can see our hand knit hats and add a pom pom to your hat or order pom poms and the "Handmade with love" wooden buttons we use on our hats so that you can add the buttons and pom poms to your handmade creations.

Looking for a color that you don't see here? It might simply be out of stock. Send us a message and we'll work with you to find just the right color and size for you!