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Welcome to the section of our Mercantile Shop designed to meet your requests to share our favorite products with you. These products are what we like to call our Farmhouse Favorites. They have been put to the test by our family right here at 1840 Farm. Some of them have been used for years, long before our blog was born back in 2010. We won’t add a single item to this collection until we are confident that we can call it a Farmhouse Favorite and recommend it without reservation
These products aren't made at the farmhouse like our baskets, but we use them every day and feel confident that you will appreciate them as much as we do. We wanted to make sure that you knew that these products really do get used here at the farmhouse, that we never promote products that we don't use and believe in. So, we chose to take photos of every single product right here at 1840 Farm and write a product intro that explains why we believe a particular product will be as useful to you as it is to us here at 1840 Farm.
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You can learn more about our Farmhouse Favorites and how we choose which products to share with you or view our Disclosure Statement and Privacy Policy to learn more about our process of selecting the products we use here at the farmhouse and share with you.

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