Collection: The Rainbow Collection

10% of the sale price of each piece from our Rainbow Collection will be donated to The Trevor Project.

We’ve introduced 1840 Farm over the years by saying that “everyone is welcome” at 1840 Farm. They weren’t just words. We meant it. Everyone is welcome at 1840 Farm and we are made a more vibrant and wonderful community by embracing the diversity of its members.

Rainbows are a joyous symbol of the beauty created by diversity. During the month of June, rainbows take on an even more special meaning. They symbolize the pride that is felt by a soul that is allowed to fully be itself, to stand tall in this world and proudly be the person they are.

We are making these pretty rainbow baskets and coasters to order in solids, prints, and a patchwork combination of the rainbow's primary colors. Each basket will be made by joining together hand wrapped fabric coils in purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red. The thread color follows suit and coordinates with the colors in the rainbow.

While PRIDE month is in June each year, we're planning to be proud of our diversity all year long. We'll be stitching up pretty rainbows and supporting The Trevor Project. each time you welcome one of our rainbows into your home.