Collection: The Americana Collection

10% of the sale price of each piece from our Americana Collection will be donated to a charity focused on working with our nation's veterans. We're inviting our readers and followers to help us choose this year's charity. You can nominate your favorite by sending us a message.

The pieces in our Americana Collection are made using solid and print fabrics in red, white, and blue with the zigzag stitching to match. Each piece features a five pointed star stitched on the base in a contrasting color. Adding these stars takes an extra bit of time, but we simply can't imagine these pieces without them.

Did you know how our flag came to be decorated with five pointed stars? Legend has it that George Washington himself visited Betsy Ross along with a few of his close confidants. They asked her to create the first American flag with a collection of six pointed stars.

As the seamstress who would be stitching each star, she made her case that the stars should instead by five pointed stars. They argued that a five pointed star would be far too difficult for her to make. So, she took out a scrap of paper and folded it neatly in her hands before making a single snip with her scissors. When she unfolded the perfectly symmetrical star, they were so taken with her display that they agreed to the five pointed star. The rest, they say, is history.

I have always been taken with that story. I often think of the sheer courage it must have taken her to suggest an idea other than the one George Washington was presenting her with. The confidence she had in her skills that allowed her to disagree with the most powerful man of her era astounds me. I like to think that she'd approve of our five pointed stars on these pieces all these years later.

While Independence Day falls in July each year, we're going to create these pretty Americana pieces all year long. We'll be stitching up new red, white, and blue pieces and supporting deserving veteran focused charities each time you welcome one of our Americana Collection pieces into your home.

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