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Made to Order Medium Egg Basket and XL Oval Trivet

Made to Order Medium Egg Basket and XL Oval Trivet

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This listing includes a Medium Egg Basket ($54.00) and marching extra large 10 x 15 inch oval trivet ($38.00) that were handmade right here at 1840 Farm.

The basket stands just over 5 inches tall and has a base measuring around 5inches in diameter. The top opening measures 9 inches across. The trivet measures more than 10 inches across and 15.5 inches long. They were made using the same combination of fabrics and stitched together with buttercream colored thread.  

Our fabric items can be cleaned by spot washing or in the gentle cycle of your washing machine.  Gently reshape the trivet while still damp and allow to air dry. 

Trivets and coasters are not fire or flameproof.  They are constructed of cording, fabric, and thread.  They should not be placed in the microwave, oven, or directly over an open flame or hot burner.  We find them to be an excellent buffer between a hot cooking pan and our kitchen counter.  As they are made using natural materials, they will eventually conduct some heat, especially when used under extreme conditions.  Care should be taken to ensure that they are not damaged and that the surfaces beneath them are adequately protected.

Other items shown in the photographs are not included in the sale price. Those items were used for photographic purposes only. Their use was intended to show the utility and various uses of the item.

You can learn more about how we make our handmade pieces at the farmhouse here. We also make baskets, trivets, and all of our fabric pieces to order. If you don't see the style, size, or fabric combination you were hoping for, send us a message so that we can work together to make whatever you are dreaming of!


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We make most of our items by hand right here at the farmhouse. So, if you don't see what you were hoping for or wish that an item were a different style, size, or fabric combination, send us a message. We'd love to make something beautiful and handmade just for you!

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