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Sweetheart 6" Heart Shaped Saucer

Sweetheart 6" Heart Shaped Saucer

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These little heart shaped saucers are meant to hold precious mementos and keepsakes. They measure between 6” and 7” wide, around 4” from top to bottom, and stand over 1” tall. They have a similar composition to our other heart shaped saucers in a slightly smaller size to make them easy to use in any room of your home and affordable to gift to loved ones or to keep for yourself.

They’re perfect for holding a few shells from a trip to the beach, a small childhood treasure, or something that just needs a small safe space to collect. I use mine to display a few treasured sewing notions from women in my family who are physically gone but never forgotten. I use one of these thimbles nearly every day and think of the women who used them before me.

I like to think that they would smile at the thought of my daughter and I still using them today. I know that I hope that generations to come will treasure them as much as I do and that they will both put them to good use and display them so that they can be enjoyed rather than kept hidden away in a drawer.

We’ve decided to call these “Sweethearts” because we like the sweet idea of them being used to safely display something close to your heart.  When a customer suggested the name, I knew it was perfect right away. Sweet was the last name of my great grandparents and my great grandmother is one of the women whose memory I treasure.

I hope that you love these little Sweethearts as much as we do. We can’t wait to see how you’ll use them in your home!

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This heart shaped saucer was handmade right here at 1840 Farm. Our fabric items can be cleaned by spot washing or in the gentle cycle of your washing machine.  Gently reshape the trivet while still damp and allow to air dry. 

Other items shown in the photographs are not included in the sale price. Those items were used for photographic purposes only. Their use was intended to show the utility and various uses of the item.

You can learn more about how we make our handmade pieces at the farmhouse here. We also make baskets, trivets, and all of our fabric pieces to order. If you don't see the style, size, or fabric combination you were hoping for, send us a message so that we can work together to make whatever you are dreaming of!


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