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Tiny Tannenbaum Basket #1894

Tiny Tannenbaum Basket #1894

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This is Tiny Tannenbaum Basket #1894 which was handmade here at 1840 Farm on October 24, 2022. This basket is designed and sized to house a little holiday tree. I have a weakness for this tiny trees and already have two at the farmhouse this year. The lavender tree is right at home in the Farmhouse Kitchen while the lemon Cyprus has been adding a bit of warmth to our family room until we put up our holiday decorations.

This basket features a pretty collection of holiday fabrics with solids and patterns in shades of red, white, and blue with accents of silver and gold. This basket is stitched together with snowflake colored zigzag stitching. 

This basket stands 6 inches tall and the diameter of the top opening is approximately 8.5 inches wide.This basket has a base that measures approximately 8 inches wide. If you choose to display a live plant or tree in this basket, you should protect the basket with a waterproof liner or pot.

All of our coiled fabric baskets are made by hand at 1840 Farm.  Each fabric strip is torn by hand before being combined with other complimentary fabrics and then wrapped around a length of cording, joining the fabrics as we go.  The fabric wrapped cord is then coiled and stitched together using a zigzag stitch on my sewing machine.  I continue to wrap the coil and shape the basket as it is stitched, ending each one in our trademark spiral design. 

We blend new fabrics with select repurposed fabrics to create a pleasing color palette for each item.   Each piece has its own unique color pattern and slight variation in shape.  Because every piece is handmade, each one is a true original.  Our handmade baskets display the raw edge of the fabrics used to create it.  They are handmade in our non-smoking farmhouse.  

I make our fabric items using the same technique my Great Grandmother used over 50 years ago.  She lovingly transformed worn out clothing into useful household items that were used in their New England farmhouse.  While her items were made purely for utility purposes, it is my goal to create beautiful handmade items that can serve a useful purpose in your home.

This basket is part of our 1840 Farm Basket Collection.  Each basket in the Collection comes with a hand signed product tag that includes the date that the basket was finished. 

Our fabric baskets can be cleaned by spot washing or in the gentle cycle of your washing machine.  Gently reshape the basket while still damp and allow to air dry.  Overturning the damp basket on top of a bowl will ensure that it retains its shape while drying.

This listing is for the basket only.  Other items shown in the photographs are not included in the sale price.  Those items were used for photographic purposes only.  Their use was intended to show the utility and various uses of the basket.

We also make custom pieces to order.  Contact us if you have questions or would like to place a custom order. We would love to work together to make a beautiful piece just for you. We hope to be sending something special from our farmhouse to your house soon!

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