Collection: Custom Pet Artwork

My heart has belonged to Penny Lane since the moment I met her. I’ve been lucky to share my life with great dogs, but none of them can hold a candle to our beloved rescue pup Penny Lane. My children and I simply adore her.

Penny Lane, like most pets, helps to make our house feel like home. She has the ability to fill the empty corners with love. She keeps us on our toes with her goofy antics, and she always makes sure to sound the alarm when the squirrels outside her window get a bit too close for her liking.

I’ve often joked that this old farmhouse is Penny Lane’s house and she lets us live here. I’m okay with that. I feel lucky to spend my days in her company, to have spent so many hours snuggled up on the couch next to her while she snores and I write, read, or knit. When we rescued her from a local animal shelter, she rescued us right back.

When I wanted to make myself a coffee mug with Penny Lane on it, I started looking around at the options for putting her mug on a mug to start my mornings with. There were many companies and shops to consider.  After a lot of looking, I realized that we had everything here at the farmhouse to try and create one ourselves.

So, Emma and I got to work. We spent months trying different techniques to create Penny's portrait and had products created to show it off. Seeing her face on my phone case, coffee mug, and studio wall makes me smile every day. I enjoyed them so much that we wanted to bring you the same joy looking at a portrait of your pet each day.

So, we’re going to offer the same personalized treatment to your pet’s photo as we used with Penny Lane's. You can choose from two portrait styles and we’ll create them right here at the farmhouse. We don’t use apps to create the portrait of your pet with a single click. We don’t use AI. Instead, we work with each photo by hand on the computer and drawing tablet in our studio here at the farmhouse.

Unlike other companies that bundle the price of the artwork with each item ordered, we’re separating them so that you will only pay one time to have the portrait of your pet created. A $50 coffee mug or $80 art print (which seems to be the going rate) just didn’t make sense to us, especially if you had to keep paying the full (artwork included) price for each item after your pet’s artwork had already been created.

So, we decided to do things differently. Instead, we’ll create the artwork of your pet and deliver you the digital file. You can use that file as a background on your phone, tablet, or computer. You can also use the file to create your own custom printed items featuring your pet. The file we deliver is yours and you can use it as you wish. It belongs to you.

We'll keep a copy of your pet's artwork here in our archive just in case you ever decide to come back to our shop and place an order for a mug, phone case, or other item in our Custom Pet Collection. If not, your pet's likeness will never be used for any purpose other than fulfilling your orders.

How to Place Your Order for Custom Pet Artwork:

When you order custom pet artwork of your pet(s), you can choose the style of portrait you would like for us to create and click the bright green "Choose Your Photo" button to select the photo of your pet you want to share with us. Follow the prompts to upload the photo along with your order. Once we receive your photo, we will give them an initial evaluation to ensure that the photo you provide can be used to create a beautiful portrait for you. If we are uncertain about the photo you provide, we will contact you to discuss options including, but not limited to, working with a different photo.

Once your photo passes the first step, we’ll send you a message to confirm that the photo is in line to be transformed into the style of portrait you chose. When your photo reaches the editing phase, we’ll begin by removing the background from your photo so that we can keep the focus on your adorable pet. Then we’ll check the lighting, color, and contrast of the photo. If it needs slight enhancement, we’ll make necessary adjustments so that your pet looks fabulous.

Once any necessary adjustments have been made, we’ll start working on your pet’s portrait. If you’ve selected the enhanced photo option, we’ll use a combination of adjustments on a computer in our studio to give your pet’s photo the appearance of a vivid piece of artwork. 

If you’ve selected the hand drawn portrait option, we will use the photo we have adjusted to create individual brushstrokes using a drawing tablet to create an original hand drawn portrait of your pet(s). The end result is a portrait that has the look of a painting with blended brushstrokes.


Have questions? We’ve provided answers to the most common questions in our FAQ. If you don’t find the answer to your question, send us a message and we’ll work with you to answer each question and get you the information you need so that we can work together to create something special featuring your pet!

Ready to start the process of turning your pet's photo into custom artwork? You can place your order right here.