Collection: Notions for Handmade Goods

When we were making the first batch of our Cozy Cables Hats to add to our shop, we started to think about adding a tag to each hat that would have our logo or the name “1840 Farm” on it. We tested tags we made right here at the farmhouse. We looked online for custom made tags. We considered leather, suede, and wood, which seemed to be the most readily available.

As we pondered our options, we started to feel like what we really wanted was a tag to proudly state that the hat was knit by hand, that it was made by a person for another person to own and put to good use. It was around then that we discovered these wooden buttons that are adorned with two small hearts and the words “Handmade with love”. They were just what we hadn’t known we were looking for.

Instead of adding a logo or brand name to our hats, we decided that these buttons said exactly what we were trying to convey with our handmade items: this piece was made by hand and it was made with love. Enough said.

Once we had that settled, we needed a use and care tag to ship with our hats so that the person who purchased our hat or received one as a gift would know who made it, what it was made of, and how to take care of it so that it would last for years to come. We also wanted to make sure that these tags conveyed the same message as the wooden buttons: this piece was made by hand. So, a handmade tag was the option we chose.

Once we started sharing photos of our hats, we started getting requests to add both the wooden buttons and our use and care tags to the shop so that you could add them to yours. You’ll find them (and any new knitting notions we find) gathered together for you right here. We can’t wait to see what you’ll make and share with them!